Ad: Go Green with Dome Cafe and 5 Easy DIY Upcycling Ideas

9:21 AM

Since opening its first outlet in Malaysia, Dome Cafe has grown to a total of 20 outlets - serving comfort food and fine coffees to Malaysians over the years. This year also marks the first time Dome Cafe Malaysia and The Melium Group getting involved in a Corporate Social Responsibility Project by promoting a greener lifestyle, contributing towards maintaining and preserving the planet for future sustainability. Dome Cafe Malaysia and The Melium Group is encouraging you to go green and spread awareness about the importance of going eco-friendly and changing your lifestyle toward achieving this goal. 

Smaller steps are the best way to lead towards a greener lifestyle by reducing wastes, reuse and recycle products. At Dome outlets, they support the green effort by using biodegradable waste bags, segregated to wet and dry ones. Their takeaway cup sleeves are made from recycled paper and they are currently reducing the usage of print materials to enhance sustainable practices to promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

As part of their commitment to this, Dome Malaysia has created a handy shopping bag made from high-quality jute fabric (100% biodegradable). You can get this for FREE when you spend RM200 and above in a single receipt at any DOME outlet or purchase them at only RM20.

There are so many ways an individual can follow to reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis - car pooling, recycle materials like paper and plastic, turn off electricity switch when not in use, reduce printing on paper, and use shopping bags instead of plastic bags when shopping. However, here are a few creative up-cycling and DIY things you can try from old everyday materials to save cost and wastage:

1. Toilet paper roll to store USB cables

Collect a few empty toilet rolls, tape them together to fit inside a shoe box and fill them up with your usb or important cables so you won't lose them again! Just remember to put them back in storage when you're done using them.

2. DIY water sprinkler or watering cans

Use a normal water bottles and poke holes at the bottom to create an easy DIY water sprinkler for your garden.

Upcycle milk/juice bottles by poking holes on the cap and use it as watering cans for plants.

3. Recycle old belts into shelf hangers, bicycle bottle holders, curtain ties and more

4. Turn your liquor/ glass bottles into soap, shampoo or lotion dispenser

I've seen this while traveling where the house owner turned old Vodka bottles into soap/ shampoo dispensers but putting a pump cover (you can buy this at home DIY stores) on top. Pretty nifty trick to reuse old glass bottles. If you don't drink, even those soda, juice concentrate bottles works just the same.

5. Turn tool boxes, egg cartons into mini gardens.

Upcycle any containers into a mini herb garden at your own home. It works even if you live in an apartment. Plus, it's a great activity with your children and get them to start young.

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  1. that cable storage is brilliant!

  2. i'm thinking to make that cable storage for myself...thanks for the idea..