Beauty Event: Clarisonic Introduces Aria - A Skincare Must-Have

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So I've finally got my first ever Clarisonic cleansing brush. Trust me, when I had it in my hands, charging the first 24 hours were pure torture. I was too excited to bring it into the shower, use it and feel like those girls in the skincare commercial, all pure and fresh. Of course, it didn't happen that way. The first time felt a little odd, and I was expecting circular movement of the brush in order to feel 'cleansed' like a baby being baptised. 

I think that's the mindset that most of us would have, especially when all the traditional cleansing brushes works in such way. I was fortunate to have found the light of truth at the Clarisonic launch event, where Clarisonic works in an oscillation movement (I'm glad I was a pure science student at one point so I didn't look that clueless after all) so that it would not tug and pull your skin - this eventually leads to the formation of wrinkles in long-term.

Invented by the very same people that invented the electronic toothbrush, Clarisonic cleansing device have been changing the way people clean their skin for years. 

This oscillation motions supposedly function to loosen the dirt off the skin - instead of digging through your pores and forces the sebum or dirt out, it gently massages the skin around the pore until it is removed. I was skeptic about the one-minute cleansing regime, and the OCD in me kicked in to do double cleansing but through time I realised that one minute is all it takes in the shower to cleanse the face (yes, you can bring it into the shower). If your skin faces irritation after using this device, ask yourself if you've been using too much. You might want to minimise the cleansing routine to once a day before bedtime and apply serum after as it increases absorption of products.

I can't tell you how Clarisonic has changed my cleansing routine, it's pricey but worth the investment as it'll last for years. Washing with just your hands does not cut it anymore, I'm an addict and probably won't need rehab for this one. Even my husband and brother-in-law swears by it, they each have one unit for themselves. My husband used to have large pores with severe white and blackheads but once he started using this, it has reduced by 70%. Now it's just those stubborn ones that needs extraction. Okay, before I start sounding like a lady in a testimonial video, I should stop and let the product speak for itself. It's good, its easy, and I even carry it whenever I travel and maybe, if you have extra cash please skip those expensive "magic" cream and invest in this one first. It'll help your other products to work better when you have clearer, cleaner skin. 

Check out this video I found of the different experiments done using a typical over-the-counter cleanser versus a Clarisonic, its the closest I could find to the demo that I was shown at the launch.

My only word of advice when travelling with this, don't use it in the shared shower of a hostel, it sounds like a vibrator or you'll get weird looks from other girls when you get out of the cubicle haha

And if you have purchased your first unit of Clarisonic, check out this video to help you get started:

Clarisonic is available at Biotherm counter Pavilion and Sephora outlets throughout Malaysia.

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