Review: Sothy's Raspberry Lychee Mask & Serum

11:30 PM

Raspberry and Lychee are rich in vitamin C with high concentrations compared to most fruits. Vitamin C itself is known to be beneficial to skin health - it keeps the skin youthful, improves circulation, maintains connective tissues, collagen and detoxifies. SOTHYS has introduced SOTHYS Vitamin Oxygenating Raspberry Lychee range to combine essential vitamins and minerals for all skin types to enhance the user's skin condition and boost the immunity in one nifty package. 

SOTHYS believes that this duo would help skin to re-boot its functionality with a 21 days DETOX program. It helps to regenerate cells, protect the epidermis layer and maintain moisture levels while revitalise dull skin at the same time. 

I have personally tried both in the past week. The first thing I liked about these products are the heavenly fruity smell. The sizes are great to pack them into my travel kit and their packaging are definitely fuss-free. I have yet to use it for 21 days continuously as it's very difficult for me to keep to a specific skin regimen depending on my daily activities but based on a few applications, my skin feels smoother, slighter brighter, definitely cleaner and the tone is clearer. It helps that I'm also taking vitamin C orally but I loved the fresh feeling that the 2 in 1 exfoliating scrub mask gives without making the skin dry and taut. The Oxy-Vitamin Treatment Serum is great to act as an intensive mineral cocktail to repair my skin while I sleep. The mask scrub's granules are very fine and it is gentle to the skin without leaving my skin feeling raw.

The mask retails at RM198 (40ml) and the serum at RM228 (20ml) which are a little steep in the current market, but it did help my skin in a very short period. It's not a miracle product, nothing is, but I would definitely would like to see the results of a continuous usage myself. If you're looking for a simple and effective solution to your urban exposed skin, you should give this a try. 

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SOTHYS Raspberry Lychee Oxygenating Vitamin home care and facial treatment is available at all SOTHYS Flagship Salons and Premium Salons nationwide. 

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