Fashion Event: Monki Kuala Lumpur Opens Doors to Public

4:04 PM

H&M's rebellious younger sister, Monki has finally opened its doors to Malaysian shoppers on the 30th April 2014. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with huge gold balloons spelling out the brand name and a plethora of exciting prints on casual clothing. One cannot deny that Monki is for the girls who does not live by the rules and adventurous, and I, of course went on a little shopping frenzy at the launch. How do you resist animal printed socks, seriously?

This Swedish-based brand in the latest addition to Kuala Lumpur's list of finest high street stores and it is currently located in Nu Sentral shopping mall, just opposite KL Sentral station. Do pay them a visit this weekend as fellow blogger, DJ Jane Chuck will be spinning great tunes for the shoppers. Plus, there will be a manicure and hair chalking service for those who just wants to try them out. Trust me, once you've been Monkified, you might not turn back.

Here are some photos of the store from the launching night:

I wore Monki's floral tee dress from the Wallflowers collection

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  1. ohhh ohhhh i cn see myself there with the errrr muke apekah begitu LOL hahhahahhaa thnks lah babe terselit juge muke i kat blog u ! lol HODOH haiii hahahaha btw will c each other again sooner or later yar =)

    1. HAHAHHA mana ada hodoh. Yes, see you soon!

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Love reading your blog! Cant wait to head out to MONKI'S soon. By the way I have noticed that your hair looks so much healthier even after the frequent hair changes and hair dyes. Care to share how you keep them crowning glory healthy or do u opt for chemical straightening? Thanks babe.

    1. Hello, thanks for the compliment. Never straightened my hair before cause I've always had super straight hair and I don't like it. I want it to be more wavy with volume. I guess I just let my hair rest after a dye session. Trying to stick to the shampoo, conditioner once in every few days (max 4 days) and no other chemical sessions until my next dye job.