Ad: My Favourite Guilty Pleasures and Indulge with Gucci Studs by Clozette

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So far life has taught me that the best choices do not come from a box of expected decisions. Giving chances to yourself to indulge and be renewed is the best gift, and knowing that you deserve this would be your secret to be happier.

I wish someone told me sooner, how beautiful life would be when you stop looking at the bigger picture and focus on the small things that we tend to ignore - the lights, the air, the scent, the colors of everything inspiring. We tend to take things for granted and let the daily grind get to us, and next thing we know we burn out. Indulgence is a luxury that we should do more often, no matter the scale. There are times in life where you deserve to indulge yourselves, swim in things you love and feel like the world is singing in your tune.  Self-indulging in guilty pleasures doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish – it’s a sign of self-love and to know that you’re worthy of good things.

What are your guilty pleasures in life? I have so many things I love doing, but if I have to pick a few, it’ll be pretty much just doing things I love and the satisfaction of reaping what I sowed from the hard work I’ve done.

Dressing out of my comfort zone

I usually dress very simple on a daily basis, mostly tanks and jeans or shorts. However, I do have my days where I dress a little better, and I like stepping out of my comfort zone and try out a new outfit that I never did before. However, the best one is just to be confident in my own skin, and rock my outfit. I love putting a little bit of detailed touch in what I wear – it’s the cut of the garment, the stitching, color or even a bit of embellishments like studs.

Spraying on my favorite scent

I usually rely on my natural scent (and a little bit of that shower gel), rarely wearing any perfume when I go out but once in a while, spraying on my favourite scent feels luxurious and I love how I’d feel more complete especially when I’m dressed to impress. My current favourite right now is the Gucci Stud perfume. I love sweet, floral scents with an attitude and this perfume does the job to make me feel like the rebel rockstar child (and a little bit of the Kate Moss rock chic edge).

Go to a music event – concert/ gig/ festival

Another favourite thing of mine to indulge in would be music. I love partying, but I would prefer a concert with a killer band any day. I feel that music could elevate and bring emotions out of a person and the experience of hearing my favorite band live would be one hell of an experience to take home and remember for the rest of my life!

Single tear moments at Coldplay’s concert in Australia

Traveling to a new place

If you know me very well, you’d totally understand that being able to travel and be somewhere with a different environment is my ultimate indulgence. Although I do it as a job, I always appreciate the moments I get when I’m able to experience new things, see new faces and embark on an adventure. My ultimate guilty pleasure is being able to just sit at a place with a killer view with my travel partner and embrace the moment. Most of the time, places with silence are the best and I’m definitely always game for an adventurous road trip with a mission.

So what are your guilty pleasures in life that you love to indulge in? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to read what you have to share with me!

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  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Mine would be sleeping all day long!
    It is so addictive but in the end, I often regret those hours of long sleep when I was supposed to do something more important than sleeping :_)