Preview: Bobbi Brown - official makeup brand for KLFW 2014

3:33 PM

It's that time of the year again where the biggest week in Malaysia's fashion world will take place in the heart of the city showcasing crème de la crème within the industry. This year, Bobbi Brown will be the official makeup partner for Kuala Lumpur's Fashion Week, making sure the models are catwalk ready with their game face on.

The Malaysian Bobbi Brown team invited me not too long ago to meet their makeup experts, have a quick makeup session with them and play with their products. Like, seriously. What did I do in the past life to deserve blessed moments like this. Play with makeup and get a makeover? Hell, yes. I roped in Charis Ow to join me cause I can be socially awkward at times, and what's a makeover if not with a girlfriend, yes? We were introduced to the team, who were either colouring the face chart, or testing out looks on a model. I was calm on the exterior but inside it felt like I was hyperventilating to be surrounded by tons of makeup items. 

The team is no amateur to the KL Fashion Week scene as this is their second time participating, showing their skills and talents to complete the look of the designers' collections. The planning started as far back as January, and browsing through the looks I believe they were put into so much consideration and thought I could almost see how it would fit some local designers' essences that I know. This year, they will be bringing in 5 international makeup artistes to help create magic backstage. I seriously cannot wait to see the real deal happening (hopefully I'm around to do this) this June. Meanwhile, I'll keep you updated with more Bobbi Brown news soon!

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  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    omg! Ajar plz mcm mana nak buat color lips like they did to u! lovin it!

  2. Your eyebrows are crazy, but your lips are amazing!

  3. wow! i like this! their make up is stunnuing!